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Cover Girls

Date: Saturday, January 18, 2020
Time: 11am–12pm
Location: The Wolfsonian–FIU @ 1001 Washington Avenue

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Publisher and artist Conrado Massaguer played a major role in shaping early 20th-century Cuban visual culture through his influential magazines Social and Carteles. Under Massaguer’s art direction, illustrators such as Jaime Valls and Andres García Benítez crafted an indelible style that combined international graphic trends with uniquely Cuban elements, particularly in depictions of stylish and alluring women. In this in-depth look at their most memorable cover designs, art historian Alison Fraunhar examines these artists’ many contradictions—exploring how they at once glamorized recognizably Cuban women and offered critique of Cuba’s social conditions.

Free and open to the public | RSVP