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The Gift Shop x The Wolfsonian

October 30–December 22, 2021
The Wolfsonian Design Store @ 1001 Washington Avenue

The Gift Shop x The Wolfsonian is a pop-up curatorial project and store by Yi Chin Hsieh that explores the distinction between exhibition and retail space. Challenging ideas about the value of art, the art objects included—singular or in multiples—reflect the 19 participating artists' practices and unique creative approaches to this central idea. The project features work by: Pip Brant, Beláxis Buil, Alex Del Canto, Marco Caridad, Gianna DiBartolomeo, Michael A. Fernandez, Jose Luis Garcia, Anna Goraczko, Hsiao Wen Luna Huang, Qinza Najm, David Olivera, Luna Palazzolo, Erin Parish, Devora Perez, Juan Requena, Denis Rovinskiy, Ronald Sánchez, Paul Shortt, and Laurencia Strauss.

Presented in The Wolfsonian Design Store and made possible by Miami Beach Open House.