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Boxeo y Béisbol: The Cuba-U.S. Sports Exchange

May 26–August 14, 2016
The Wolfsonian–FIU @ 1001 Washington Avenue

Two sports, boxing and baseball, helped build connections between Cuba and the United States from 1915 to 1959. Cuban and American boxers squared off against each other in the ring, while the Brooklyn Dodgers trained in Havana and Cuban players broke into the major leagues. Offering glimpses into the careers of legendary athletes like Jack Johnson and Kid Gavilán, Jackie Robinson and Minnie Miñoso, Boxeo y Béisbol showed how their experiences were shaped by close ties between the two countries and, in particular, by changing race relations in the United States.

An installation by The Wolfsonian Library, Boxeo y Béisbol: The Cuba-U.S. Sports Exchange complemented the major exhibition Promising Paradise: Cuban Allure, American Seduction.