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King Kong

Date: Sunday, April 3, 2022
Time: 4–7pm
Location: The Wolfsonian–FIU @ 1001 Washington Avenue + O Cinema South Beach @ 1130 Washington Avenue

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In one of cinema's most indelible tales, a giant ape is brought from the South Pacific to New York City, where he rampages through the urban landscape. The original King Kong (1933) is a prime example of how moviemakers combined two emerging technologies—aviation and skyscrapers—to thrill audiences and depict the terrors and wonders of modern life. Learn how visual artists grappled with the new perspectives created by airplanes and tall buildings with a 4pm curator-led tour of the Wolfsonian exhibition Aerial Vision, before heading across Washington Avenue to catch a 5pm screening of King Kong at O Cinema.

Presented in partnership with O Cinema South Beach.

$11; $7.50* for Wolfsonian members | Tickets
*Optional tour of Aerial Vision at The Wolf is included in the film admission price.