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Into the Stacks: “Nazis, I Hate These Guys”

Date: Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Time: 7–8pm
Location: Zoom

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"Nazis, I hate these guys." – Indiana Jones in The Last Crusade

Humor is often wielded as a weapon in times of conflict to build solidarity and raise morale. In our next collection excursion, Bookleggers Library director Nathaniel Sandler and Wolfsonian curator Shoshana Resnikoff examine such comedy-in-crisis during the Second World War, when the Allies used popular media and mail correspondence to subvert the Axis powers and dismantle Fascist myths. Join us to discover how these works opened room to poke fun at dictators and deflate aggressors through caricatures, rhymes, and vulgarity. Presented in conjunction with Sandler’s Knight Foundation-funded project, Crypt Cracking.

Free and open to the public | Register for the Zoom link