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Student Employment

The Wolfsonian opens pathways to museum careers by expanding and enhancing professional development opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students at Florida International University. Please see below for information about current programs and eligibility.


The Wolfsonian employs FIU students through various semester-long, part-time internships designed to maximize hands-on training and exposure to a wide variety of museum operations and practices. Focusing on building core and specialized skills required by aspiring arts professionals, the Wolfsonian internship experience includes project-based assignments in host departments, mentorship opportunities, and access to professional development activities such as career roundtables, off-site collection tours, and cover letter and resume writing workshops.

Beginning in 2023, all positions will be paid at $20 per hour, funded by a 3-year, $250,000 Museums Empowered grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) that equips students with the resources and support they need to succeed in the arts.

Our internships follow FIU's academic calendar, require a commitment of 10–20 hours per week (within normal business hours, Monday–Friday), and are on-site unless otherwise noted.

SPRING: January–April | application deadline: October 29
SUMMER: May–August | application deadline: March 24
FALL: August–December | application deadline: July 9

  • Academic Credit

    The Wolfsonian is happy to meet specific university requirements so that interns can receive course credit, however this must be arranged through the student's advisor or program head; options and opportunities vary by unit.

  • Available Positions

    The application cycle for Summer 2024 Wolfsonian internships is now closed. Please check back soon for information on Fall 2024.

Graduate Assistantships

Founded in 2015, The Wolfsonian's Graduate Assistantship program (formerly known as the Metadata Squad) has supported dozens of FIU graduate students from multiple academic departments, providing essential pre-professional experience across specialties within the museum field.

Over the course of their year-long positions, Graduate Assistants (GAs) work in one or multiple departments, determined by the needs of the museum and the student's area of study. In addition to working in their respective departments, GAs participate in the Wolfsonian GA cohort program, which provides a broad introduction to museum careers and engages participants in discussions on pivotal topics within the field. Past GAs have contributed significantly to museum projects, including digitization efforts, research on the collection, content on The Wolfsonian's website and social media, as well as strategic initiatives.

All Wolfsonian Graduate Assistants receive:

  • A tuition waiver
  • Insurance benefits
  • $9,000 stipend sponsored by their academic department


  • Full-time enrollment (9 credit hours per semester) in a master's, specialist, or doctoral degree program
  • Satisfactory academic and work performance
  • A minimum 3.0 cumulative graduate grade point average
  • A commitment to working 20 hours per week at the museum (GAs cannot hold other positions without written approval from the University Graduate School)

To apply, complete our Graduate Assistantship Application Form. Applicants are encouraged to reach out to prior to applying. The application deadline is June 6, 2024, for the 2024–2025 academic year.

  • Available Positions

    Graduate Curatorial Assistant
    The curatorial assistant will work closely with curatorial staff, playing a key role in the development of several upcoming exhibitions. This includes conducting research on The Wolfsonian's extensive art and library holdings, as well as coordinating with internal and external curatorial teams. In this role, the curatorial assistant will not only gain in-depth knowledge of museum practices but also develop critical analytical skills and a deeper appreciation for the museum's collection.

    Graduate Collections Assistant
    The collections assistant will play a role in the care and reorganization of the museum's collection during a significant transition period, actively participating in the physical packing and relocation of collection objects and library materials to ensure their safe and efficient transfer. This position will be pivotal in maintaining the integrity and accessibility of the collection throughout the move process.

    Graduate Registration Assistant
    The registration assistant will support collections staff in a variety of tasks crucial to the care and management of the museum's object collection. Tasks may include helping with object inventory, cataloging, object location tracking, housing, handling, and packing. This role provides an invaluable opportunity to build a comprehensive understanding of the day-to-day responsibilities of a museum registrar and learn the policies and procedures related to the care, preservation, and documentation of museum collections.

    Graduate Education Assistant
    The education assistant will gain exposure to various facets of the museum's public engagement initiatives by providing support for a range of programs, including film series, workshop events, and classroom visits. Tasks will include preparing for and participating in programs directed towards families, K–12 and university students, and adult audiences. Emphasis will be placed on learning how to engage with audience members of various ages, how to interpret art and other objects for these audiences, and how to plan and produce events.

    Graduate Library + Research Assistant
    The library + research assistant will play a role in advancing the museum library's records and resources, having the opportunity to work closely with several significant collections related to steamship travel and maritime history of the early and mid-20th century. Another key project will involve processing, researching, cataloging, organizing, and housing the Sharf Collection, containing thousands of materials relating to British colonial ventures and military conflicts of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This position offers a unique opportunity to develop a comprehensive understanding of the museum's collections while honing primary research skills essential for graduate-level scholarship.

  • Members to Date

    Adriana Romero
    Bo Rodgers
    Brahim Almarales
    Chantal Amallares
    Crystal Garcia*
    Daniel Valladares*
    Denise Balbino
    Genevieve Rossin
    Geraldine Bello
    Gisela Sarabia Sandoval
    Isabel Brador
    Jeannette Portuondo
    Jonathan Klein
    Jorge Paradilla
    Joshua Wolf
    Lauraelena Guerrero
    Leonardo Falcon
    Margaret Merrill
    Meghann Chavez
    Rachel Gonzalez
    Rafael Portilla
    Shawbeta Seal
    Susana Perez
    Ynes Moreno* 

    *2-year assistantships