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Zoom With Us

For the coming weeks, and potentially months, it's important that we all stay home and stay healthy for public good. But in our new reality of isolation and quarantine, things can get a little dull; so, we're opening our collection to help you bring a little culture to your virtual communication. This curated selection of Wolfsonian artworks, from scenes serene to social, is tailor-made to jazz up your conference calls, check-ins, and digital family facetime—because being housebound doesn't mean you can't stand out.

All images are optimized for Zoom virtual backgrounds (1920x1080 pixels). Simply right click on the images you most enjoy to save them on your computer, and then follow Zoom's instructions to upload them to your camera view.

Lilian Miller, Autumn Evening, Korea, 1928. 84.4.38

Woodcut print of a scenic landscape in Korea

Sunset in the Granite Gorge, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, 1939. XC2014.12.4.33

Postcard illustration of the Grand Canyon

Koizumi Kishio, Snow at Sakurada Gate, 1936. TD1993.69.1

Woodcut print depicting snow at Sukurada Gate, Tokyo Imperial Palace

Hilaire Hiler, Study for main lounge of Aquatic Park Building, San Francisco, c. 1936. XX1989.59

Mural study depicting an underwater environment complete with stylized ruins

Henry Rapin, Grand Salon, 1925. 83.2.2346

Portfolio plate depicting a grand room

B. Jirard, La Corne d'Or, 1923. XX1990.4445

Watercolor painting of a sunset scene with sailboats

Alfredo Gauro Ambrosi, Prima crociera atlantica su Rio de Janeiro, 1933. 83.5.16

Futurist painting with soaring and circling airplanes

Antonio Quaiatti, Design for a bar and lounge, 1932–35. XX1990.3603

Design drawing of an ocean liner bar and lounge

Antonio Quaiatti, Design for a bar and lounge, 1932–35. XX1990.3604

Design drawing of an ocean liner bar and lounge

Lloyd Morgan, The Completed Buildings of Schultze and Weaver, Architects, 1921–1936, 1936. 2007.13.1

Painting of an imagined cityscape

Edmond van Dooren, La ville, c. 1937. XX1990.3187

Futuristic cityscape with skyscrapers, zeppelins, planes, rockets, and trains

Cabana Sun Club and the Roney Plaza Hotel, Miami Beach, Fla, 1941. XC2015.03.8

Postcard of a hotel club and pool

Norris Theatre window grille, Norristown, Pennsylvania, 1929. XX1989.429

Art Deco terra cotta grille depicting a frozen fountain and palm tree

F. A. Constable, Lobby of the Milo Theater, 1938. 85.5.41

Watercolor study of a theatre lobby

A Modernistic Florida Home at Miami Beach, 1939. XC2015.03.8.18

Postcard of a modernistic Miami Beach home

Daniel Ralph Celentano, Subway, c. 1935. TD1991.133

Painting of a crowded subway train