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Black Lives Matter.

At The Wolfsonian, we have heard Black Americans' clear call for justice ringing through our social media, our schools, our parks, our streets. We stand in solidarity with the Black community's continuous fight to end the systemic abuses and discrimination they face, and we respond with a promise: to step up and be better.

Many have taken a hard look in the mirror in the days since the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd. Yet now is the time for institutional as well as personal accountability, and like most museums built from privilege, The Wolfsonian is overdue for change. We can and must do more to diversify our staff, programs, exhibitions, collection, even our audience.

As educators, it is our moral imperative to take an active, self-critical role in this cultural reckoning. We invite you into this effort openly by sharing regular updates on specific action items. Step one is assembling a new Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion (DEAI) team to consider how The Wolf can more thoughtfully live up to our values and strengthen our commitment to serve Black communities and other people of color. This team's responsibility will be long-term, providing input and direction for all that we are and do.

Our modern-age holdings contain many items that bear witness to our nation’s troubling history of racism and to the power of resistance movements. The Wolfsonian mission, too, compels us to consider other perspectives, to continually educate ourselves, and to challenge expected narratives. With this in mind we will mature from the inside out to become better stewards of a collection so evocative of America's darkest chapters and resonant with today, carrying that mission forward as more informed and empathetic citizens. The work begins with us. 

Follow our progress here.

– the Wolfsonian team


Our Commitment

The Wolfsonian will invest energy and resources to use its collection, exhibitions, and programs to shed light on the African American experience and America’s history of racism. We will post updates below as they are confirmed.