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Year-End Giving


Twenty-one years ago, I presented The Wolfsonian and its collection to Florida International University and the State of Florida, envisioning a dynamic institution alive with students, researchers, and a curious public. No longer a fledging enterprise, the museum is today a mighty beacon, shining light on how the past continues to shape the present and future, how art and design are used for good and evil in the creation of culture.

Thank you, thank you for continuing to augment my original gift, providing it legs to stand on and march ahead. Your contributions, in all forms, energize the museum, allowing it to thrive and evolve. This support holds much meaning to me personally—I am indeed a lucky man to have so many allies carry forward a vision that I hold dear.

I have called The Wolfsonian a mission, and its fans our missionaries. As you consider your year-end giving, I hope you will keep us in mind before we all leave the station for 2018. I know that if we shoulder this essential responsibility together, The Wolfsonian’s momentum will be protected for years to come.

Sending the heartiest best wishes to one and all! Come visit us soon; next year’s adventures wouldn’t be the same without you.

Three cheers,

Mitchell "Micky" Wolfson, Jr., Founder